Harvest for Habitat: A Workshop for Private Landowners

Event Date
Woods with black ash trees. Courtesy of Eli Sagor, Flickr.

~ Pre-registration is required by December 5th~
Please contact Dennis Thompson at the Aitkin County SWCD to reserve your spot!

Aitkin County SWCD 130 Southgate Drive Aitkin, MN. 56431 (218) 927-6565 ext.111 [email protected]

Cost: $10.00 includes coffee, cookies, lunch, bus tour, and hand-outs.

Location: Long Lake Conservation Center, 28952 438th Ln. Palisade, MN

This informational session will feature presentations by foresters and wildlife biologist as well as a field tour. Participants will leave with many options, contacts, and resources to in-crease habitat for wildlife on their woodland.How you harvest trees depends on your landscape, woodland type, its current state, nearby wildlife, the wildlife you want to benefit, and which habitat needs you can influence. For example, you may want to selectively harvest trees to release and encourage oak to increase acorn production for wild turkeys or deer. Or you may want a clearcut/regeneration harvest to allow more sunlight to reach the forest floor and encourage young trees, shrubs and forbs to flourish. For example when aspen is harvested correctly, it produces dense, vigorous regrowth that benefits certain wildlife such as ruffed grouse while sustaining the aspen.