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We are a network of leaders who work with women landowners. We support women-focused outreach in forested areas across the country, providing resources, tools, and connections for women to confidently steward their land.

If you are a landowner, click here to find the contacts for WOW leaders in your area.

Join the Community!

Welcome to the WOW leaders page at! Check out the resources below to help you connect with the community of people who engage women woodland owners in forest stewardship.

  • What is WOW?
    • is a website sponsored by the USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry through the National Woodland Owners Association and administered by the Forest Stewards Guild. This website is the central hub for women woodland owner educational events across the country. The primary audience for this website is women woodland owners.
    • A core group of professionals in women woodland owner outreach provides content for the WOWnet website. This network expanded with the WOW-TELE retreat in October 2017, and is expanding further still with the WOWnet professionals Google Group. The primary audience for this Google group is professionals, including both women and men, involved in women woodland owner outreach.
    • This virtual meeting recording provides an introduction to WOWnet.
  • Discussion. Want to join in some low-key, highly-relevant discussion of topics in outreach to women landowners? Visit the WOWnet Professionals Google Group and click on "Apply for membership." If you're already a member, you can access the forum threads at
  • Events. Do you have an event for women in your area? Add your event to the WOWnet calendar! Email [email protected] with your event description. 
  • Shadowing. If you are interested in applying for funds for shadowing at a women-focused landowner event, the details to apply for funding can be found here. Travel funding available through June 2019; apply now!
  • Articles. Do you have exciting and relevant information to share with women woodland owners? Share your article through this national website! Email [email protected] for more information.
  • Make the case. Do you need to explain why women-focused programming is so important? Use this one-page information sheet to help make the case.
  • Spread the word! Invite others to join! Share this flyer or this WOW Leader Resources page.

Evaluation Resources

Evaluation helps us determine the effectiveness of our outreach and capture the stories behind the importance of our work. Researcher Emily Silver Huff has developed some excellent resources for evaluating WOW programs and sharing this information sensitively through the WOW leader community. Share your WOW workshop information via the links below, or contact Emily at [email protected].

Starter Kit

Interested in building your own WOW program? Check out the resources below to help get you started!

WOW Leaders Stories

You are not alone. These resources can introduce you to fresh ideas and elements of successful women-focused programming. Together, as a WOW leader community, we can empower one another to offer this much-needed resource to women landowners and make the case for advancing the stewardship of our nation's forests one woman at a time.