Restoring Old Growth Characteristics webinar

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Hosted by Massachusetts Women on the Land

Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

6:30pm - 8pm ET



Old-growth forests were once the predominant natural condition across New England and New York before European settlement; however, it is now one of the rarest. Though new old-growth forests cannot be created, there is an opportunity through both passive and active management to restore old-growth characteristics in our current forests. There is renewed focus on restoring these characteristics given their compatibility with objectives such as biodiversity conservation, forest carbon, and resilience to climate change. This session will focus on the new publication Restoring Old-Growth Characteristics to New England’s and New York’s Forests. The goal of this publication is to increase the amount of old-growth characteristics in the region by giving decision-makers the information they need to adopt old-growth restoration strategies in ways that complement their ownership goals, helping to sustain our native forests and their many benefits.

This webinar is presented by Paul Catanzaro, MA State Extension Forester and Professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Register for the webinar here.