What is certification and what does it mean to me? 

In many of my talks with landowners, the topic of certification comes up. It usually comes up because I bring it up and the landowner responds that they don’t know if they are certified, has never heard of certification or is confused by what being certified actually means to them. 

Stepping away from forestry for a second, think about a symbol we have all seen on products:

Underwriters Laboratory symbol

Green Certification in Indiana 

The Indiana Division of Forestry has certified 150,000+ acres of state owned lands and also enrolled approximately 500,000 acres of privately owned lands participating in the Classified Forest & Wildlands program in group certification through both the Forest Stewardship Council® and Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.

My New Role as Forest Manager 

by Margot Cumming, University of Wisconsin undergraduate


   Thirty miles down Highway 40, in southern Virginia, the land rolls gently with endless rows of emerald green crops. Billboards proclaim:

 “Peanuts – whole sale and retail! Tourists welcome!”

“We’re not nuts, but we sell ‘em”


               The neighboring fields gaze up at a cloudless sky, as Debbie Clay zips us around on her gator.