Amanda Subjin

Amanda and her son
Conservation Programs Manager
Delaware Highlands Conservancy

Amanda is a Pike County, Pennsylvania native daughter with a lifelong love for the lands and waters of the Upper Delaware River region. She achieved an Associate's degree in Forestry/Resource Management from Keystone College and a BS in Forest Science from Penn State.

Amanda joined the Delaware Highlands Conservancy in 2008. She is the proud mother of two children and knows her work at the Conservancy is for future generations who will grow up here. Amanda states, “I want my children to experience what I have been able to experience here in the Upper Delaware River region. There’s no better feeling than knowing your own work will matter to your children.”

As Conservation Programs Manager, Amanda leads the Conservancy’s land protection and stewardship activities. Additionally, Amanda coordinates the Pennsylvania “Women and Their Woods” program focused on giving women forest landowners the tools they need to steward and sustain their forestlands.