Minnesota reptiles and amphibians

Event Date
Blue spotted salamander courtesy of Greg Schechter and Wikimedia.org

Metro Area Minnesota Women’s Woodland Network

The Exchange Food and Drink, 500 5th Ave. NW, New Brighton (exit County Rd E2 from I-35W.  Note:  There is minor construction, so just follow the short detour.  The restaurant is in the SE corner of a small business center).  Phone:  651-348-6289.

Please RSVP by October 17 so that I can confirm our reservation.  

Our topic for the evening is on herps!  Yes, frogs and toads, snakes and lizards, and other wonderful MN reptiles and amphibians!  Misi Stine, President of the MN Herpetological Society and all-around critter guru, will give us an overview of the herps in MN, how to identify them and where to look for them, and how we can improve our land to provide habitat for them.  She will also talk about “HerpMapper,” a not-for-profit cooperative project, designed to gather and share information about reptile and amphibian observations across the planet and how you can get involved if you’re interested.