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Welcome! On this website you’ll find accurate and timely information about managing your woods sustainably and with your goals in mind. Here are some tips for using the site.

You can search for posts that relate to a specific topic (say, taxes or improving wildlife habitat) by selecting that topic from the dropdown list at the top of every page. Many posts are cross-listed, so you may find some of the same posts in a search for “taxes” and in a search for “estate planning.” Over time, we’ll add more and more information about all the topics on the site, so we also recommend checking back regularly, or setting up a web reader that will alert you to new posts on the site.

You’ll find that we often summarize a news event or give you just the basics of a new program being offered by an agency or non-profit, then provide a link for you to learn more. We want you to follow those links, learn about a new tool or program you can use, then check back in with us to keep finding more great resources to help you manage your land.

You can learn more about the basis of this web venture on our About Us page. If you want to contact the editors, check out Contact Us, then find the person closest to your geographic location. As we add more regional editors to our group of volunteers, your nearest regional editor should become closer and closer to you. We’re also eager to hear your ideas for the site. If it’s about the structure of the site or a high-level content comment, please address it to the National Editor; if it’s about content you’d like to see, you can send a message to any of the authors (again through the Contact Us page). We recommend alerting an author who’s written something close to what you have in mind, if possible.

Thanks for finding us. Please, have a look around. If you like what you see, tell your friends!


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