Twin Tree

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Guest post by Oregon WOWnet member Fiona Rhea

Twin Tree
by Fiona Rhea

Two seeds landed here because that is how God meant it to be,
Nourished from the heavens above, together they grew like twins, almost inseparably.
Alas, one grew tall, the other branched off from the straight and narrow call.
Yet in later years, changed it's spin to return next to its twin.

Their souls having found each other, touched  by the breeze,
rejoiced by the heavenly chime of the bristling leaves,
and with their branches they caress one another
like sweethearts who love one another.

Now together they stand
to give each other a helping hand
for their synergy is a far greater energy
 collectively than individually.

With God their creator at the helm,
leading them jointly to the heavenly realm,
for guidance and direction they pray
that from their destined path they no longer stray.

Twin Tree, Twin Tree,
Rejoice with glee,
For now you see,
That together we were meant to be.