How to Prioritize Invasive Species Management

Can you see the invasives in need of management?
Photo caption: Can you see the invasives in need of management? By A. Gupta, UMN Extension

Do you know about invasive species and want to manage them but don’t know where to start? If so you’re not alone. There are many natural resource professional, active volunteers and woodland owners that have gotten discouraged and become paralyzed by uncertainty. The University of Minnesota rebranded some great information originally from the Indiana Chapter of The Nature Conservancy about how to prioritize invasives management. Prioritizing your work can ensure your efforts make a difference and you can see improvements over time. Check out the full information sheet WHERE DO I START?! Prioritizing Invasive Plant Control.

You’ll need to map and take before (and later after) pictures of your property. The mapping, when coupled with key management assessment characteristics, outlined below, will create the framework to get started and continue doing effective management. The before and after pictures will help jog your memory so you can SEE the difference you’re making over time!

A few key steps:

  1. Know what you have; Know how much you have; and Know what you want.
  2. Assess your challenge using these key metrics:
  • How much do you have?
  • What’s the value of the habitat being invaded?
  • What impacts is the invasive causing?
  • How hard is it to control?

Remember, many, many invasive species can be effectively managed with time, dedication and patience. Good luck!