Agroforestry: It's a Lot More than Wind-breaks

a wild forest plant, ramps can be cultivated in your forest

Agroforestry is a discipline that intentionally combines forestry and agriculture to create sustainable food growing systems. When you scientifically combine trees with crops or livestock, you create an integrated land use that produces more food in less space, and has additional benefits for wildlife, water quality, and the sustainability of the food production area by planting native species, protecting riparian zones, and keeping soil in place.

Note a recent Washington Post article on the subject: "With agroforestry, woodlands can also yield crops..."

And this site from Virginia Tech, showcasing a public partnership around Non-Timber Forest Products, or NTFPs

You can learn much more about agroforestry and how it might work for you on the National Agroforestry Center's website and from their publication series Working Trees. You can find the subject you're looking for in one of the editions of Working Trees, such as Working Trees for Wildlife or Working Trees for Livestock. Some topics are available in Spanish, too!

Algunas ediciones están disponibles en español tambien!